Our Vision & Values

A 'learning for all' school

Arden Grove School seeks to establish an environment within which teachers, support staff, governors, parents and children’s services can work together so that learners:

  • feel valued, are happy and able to make positive relationships with others
  • feel eager, excited, curious, creative, engaged and successful in their learning
  • have the best possible health and development
  • feel safe and have a growing awareness of risk

We aim to nurture personal growth so that individuals are encouraged to become confident, lively, rational, tolerant, responsible, independent, well balanced and well educated young people in their community.

We feel this is a fair summary of the qualities required to cope with the joys and difficulties of life.

Our Vision

A school that has the mission statement: a ‘learning for all’ school.

A school that is happy, safe, inclusive, friendly but purposeful.

A school that never forgets we are there for the children – to nurture and help them become independent, grow and prepare them for life in a changing world.

A school that offers a broad and balanced curriculum based on sound foundations of Language, Science, Maths, ICT and the key skills of learning.

A school that embraces the Arts and makes them accessible to all children.

A school that ensures achievement for all and raises standards.

A school that offers enriched, exciting opportunities and experiences for children to learn about the world they live in.

A school that promotes eco awareness and develops skills for life.

A school  where everybody feels they have a voice, they are valued and there is mutual respect, but the right to learn is ensured.

A school that is visible and encourages children to become active citizens within the local , national and global community it serves.