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This week in school…

This week the theme in our assemblies and in our classes has been ‘Making Connections’. The children and staff have been learning a bit more about each other to help build positive relationships for the year. This week we have been talking about our families, things that are important to us and our favourite things. Next week we be revisiting ‘Our Code’. We will be talking about how it can help us to make good choices, stay safe and be happy at home and at school.

Parking around school

Please can we remind everyone about considerate parking around school. We have had a very concerning email from our local residential centre, Sherwell Court to say that they have not been able to access their disabled spaces, which are allocated to their housing unit due to parents/carers who have parked in a way that has prevented them from accessing these spaces. Sherwell Court is part of our community and it supports very vulnerable people and it was disheartening and frustrating to hear that in our first week back we are already having problems with inappropriate parking. Please be aware that any parking that is unsafe or illegal will be reported to PC Andy Dye who will follow this up. Please, please can we ask you to park with care and consideration to keep everyone safe.