Working at Home

As part of the partnership between Home and School, we expect all children to do some work at home to support their learning at school.  The amount of time spent on homework will vary according to the age of the  child.

The school’s homework policy is designed to support time for play and other learning opportunities outside of school.  To support this the school will give each child a number of days to complete a piece of homework.  This allows parents and children to plan the best time to do it.  The school asks parents to support their child’s work at home in the following ways:

  • Regularly (at least 5 times a week) hear their child read from a book provided by the school or from the library or home;
  • Regularly read a suitable story or extract from a book to their child (as part of 5 reads);
  • Help their child prepare for and follow up the work in school, by introducing practical ideas suggested on the home learning/communication diaries;
  • Weekly home learning tasks (Y1 & Y2)

The school wants the children to enjoy a full and active life both in and out of school, and encourages parents to limit the amount of time spent on homework to the levels recommended in the policy.