Meet the Governors

<b>Gareth Lamb</b> <br>
Chair of Governors <br>Governor for Attendence
Gareth Lamb
Chair of Governors
Governor for Attendence
<b>Daniel Thrower</b>
Daniel Thrower
<b>Lisa Fisher </b><br>
Governor for Health and Safety
Lisa Fisher
Governor for Health and Safety
<b>Anne Oakley</b><br>
Governor for Disadvantaged Children
Anne Oakley
Governor for Disadvantaged Children
<b>Andrew Barnes</b>
Andrew Barnes
<b>Sarah Waterfield</b>
Sarah Waterfield
<b>Rachel Judd</b>
Rachel Judd
<b>Xenia Horne</b>
Xenia Horne
<b>Amy Hanton</b>
Amy Hanton
<b>Claire Hannant</b><br>
Governor for Safeguarding<br> Governor for SEND
Claire Hannant
Governor for Safeguarding
Governor for SEND