Health Week

During 6th-10th November, we were lucky enough to have a wide variety of activities in Health Week.

Nursery and Reception really enjoyed imaginative dance with Katy Dunn. All children LOVED Zumba with Lisa Rowe – they (and the adults) really enjoyed joining in with all the moves. We had three new clubs that inspired us to have them for after school clubs too: Lisa Rowe is doing a dance after school club with some Year 2’s that ends with a show at OPEN in Norwich, Year 1 and Reception are really enjoying and improving their core muscles in Yoga and finally many Reception children are doing a 10 week Karate course where they finish with their own t-shirt.

The whole school were lucky enough to do some cooking with ‘Squashed Tomatoes’. They all took something home e.g. a bread roll or Arancini rice balls, veg dips or filled jacket potato skins.

We chose to use some of our sports premium money to fund our Health Week and to go towards the after school clubs.