Purple Mash Displays on the school website!

We are very excited to announce that you are now able to view the work that your child and their class produced from the ‘2dos’ that were set over Christmas.

We apologise for this taking so long, but we have also been learning how to use Purple Mash!

To view these please go onto the Arden Grove website, select the yellow ‘Learning’ header and glide down to ‘Purple Mash Displays’. Once hovered over ‘Purple Mash Displays’ follow the arrow to the right to select your childs class.

Once on the class page you will see a table with the date published and which number display there is. This one if ‘display board one‘, click this and it will take you to that classes displayboard. It may take a little time to load all work!

We hope you enjoy sharing this with your child & thank you for working with them to produce the ‘2do’ work.